Friday 09th December 2022,


The Astonishing Odds of a Perfect March Madness Bracket

The odds of nailing the perfect NCAA Tournament bracket are even worse, than those of getting struck by lightning, being hit by a meteorite from outer space, winning the lottery, and having quintuplets. Many people [...]


Kansas Jayhawks’ Pooka Williams Arrested for Domestic Battery

The Kansas Jayhawks have suspended running back Pooka Williams after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery. According to police records, Williams was arrested on a charge of “domestic battery; knowing or reckless bodily [...]


Ex-UFC Fighter Rodrigo de Lima Dies at Age 26

Rodrigo de Lima, a former fighter in the UFC, died Sunday after being involved in an argument with a rideshare driver in Brazil. According to reports, de Lima had an argument and “altercation” with Uber [...]


What’s in the bag – Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Tournament Edition

After years of physical and mental struggles, Tiger Woods had finally made it back to the top of the golf sphere. After winning the Tour Championship in 2018, Tiger completed his comeback capturing his fifth [...]