Wednesday 19th December 2018,


Dolan Would Consider Selling Knicks for Right Offer

Longtime MSG chairman, James Dolan, would consider selling the New York Knicks if the price was right. “I love the Knicks and (NHL’s New York) Rangers, right, but you still have a responsibility to your [...]


College Basketball Player’s Crazy Vicious Elbow to his Opponents Face

We may have just witnessed one of the most vicious and blatantly dirty acts ever committed in college basketball. The player, Kewan Platt of Fitchburg State, was caught on video elbowing sophomore guard Nate Tenaglia, [...]


Kansas Jayhawks’ Pooka Williams Arrested for Domestic Battery

The Kansas Jayhawks have suspended running back Pooka Williams after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery. According to police records, Williams was arrested on a charge of “domestic battery; knowing or reckless bodily [...]


Khabib Threatens to Leave UFC if Teammate is Fired

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is defending his teammate involved in the UFC 229 fight that broke out after his victory against Conor McGregor. Khabib laid down an ultimatum via an Instagram post, threatening to [...]


Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Place a $200K Side Bet

There was already $9 million at stake in The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but now there are also side bets whose proceeds will go to charity. The two participated in a news [...]