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GSP: The Greatest Welterweight Alive

Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre

November 27, 2010 – Dr. T

Georges St. Pierre is arguably the greatest fighter in the Welterweight division right now (some would even put him at the top of the MMA pound for pound fighters list). Aside from a small blemish on his fight record (TKO loss to Matt Serra in his first Welterweight title defence in the UFC) GSP has been virtually unstoppable in the Welterweight division. Since that uncharacteristic loss to Serra, not only has GSP gone on to avenge the loss, but he has put together a seven fight win streak along with four successful title defences. Should GSP be victorious in Montreal at UFC 124 on December 11th, 2010 against Josh Koscheck (a fighter he has already defeated) then he will have completely cleaned house in the Welterweight division (Jake Shields is more of a Middleweight, even though he is fighting in the UFC’s Welterweight division and will be facing the winner of GSP vs Koscheck). The videos below are a testament of GSP’s success and they are very well done. A big shout out to YouTube users CynthiaVance & MMAHeadTV for doing an excellent job in putting these together.

GSP I: The Beginning

GSP II The Return

GSP III: The Battle of Champions

GSP IV: Road to Glory

GSP V: Way of the Warrior



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