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NFL Week 9 Quick Hits

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Buffalo Bills – Mario Williams had a sack in his return to Texas…well worth that $16 million right Buffalo?

Miami – Played a solid game against Indy in Indy, but with a chance to get into solid Wild Card position they let Luck throw all over them

AFC South

Houston – Foster just keeps on scoring touch downs and Andre Johnson goes for over 100 again.  Class of the AFC by far right now.

Indianapolis – Andrew Luck has to be able to bottle some of that home skill and bring it on the road for this fun run to be legit.

Jacksonville – They are not good, but at least they put up a fight against Detroit in the second half

Tennessee – Worst performance of any team this season

AFC North

Baltimore –  Cleveland game them all they could handle.  What is up with Flacco?

Cincinnati – Gave one away to the Broncos.  They had they game in their sights and let Manning get hot in the 4th.

Pittsburgh – Stole one in NY on a very tough travel day and overcame a bad fumble call.  Big 4th quarter comeback could make their season.

Cleveland – They aren’t a push over in the North this season.  Really battled against the Ravens yesterday.

AFC West

San Diego – Big divisional win and the defense was impressive. Of course that was the against the Chiefs.

Denver – Manning practically tossed the game away only to come back in the 4th.  Nice road win, but not sold on them yet.

Kansas City – Another week, another loss.  Now they are changing coaching staff members and cutting starting cornerbacks.

Oakland – McFadden lasted half a season before he got hurt.  Palmer throwing over 50 times is not what will win games.  Made it close, but it wasn’t.

NFC East

Washington – RGIII will have days like this.  Not many weapons in Washington and it showed yesterday against the Panthers.

NY Giants – Manning is slumping, receivers are losing battles, and the defense fell short in the 4th.  Another regular season second half slide coming?

Dallas – Changes are coming in Dallas next season…this team is under achieving every week.

Philadelphia – Where to start?  Offesnive Line, QB, dropped passes, defense, special teams , coaching- a disaster in Philly

NFC South

Atlanta – Undefeated…not always impressive but always winning.

Tampa Bay – Offense has been putting up points at a scary pace…much better than people thought.

New Orleans – Score says it wasn’t a game, but Philly imploded in the red zone all night long.  Saints better fix their D.

Carolina – Cam Newton showed he isn’t a flop just yet…big win in Washington.

NFC North

Minnesota – That fast start is being quickly forgotten.  Tough game in Seattle, but a loss is a loss.

Green Bay – Arizona made it close, but the packers seem to be finding their groove.

Detroit – Dominated all day, but can they do it against real competition?

Chicago – If their defense keeps scoring 14 or more points a week their offense can just sit on the bench.

NFC West

Arizona – Got down big and made a game of it in Green Bay for a little while.

Seattle – Allowed a big running game to the Vikings which was odd to see.  Very tough at home, but they need to win on the road too.





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