Saturday 16th January 2021,

Danica Patrick Goes Undercover as Lyft Driver

Danica Patrick

With the help of sunglasses and a hat, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick went undercover and picked up unsuspecting passengers as a Lyft driver.

Those who were lucky enough to get a ride from Danica were not given the typical boring ridesharing experience.

She gave her passengers subtle hints with her comments about how she likes to turn left, how her boyfriend think’s she’s a terrible driver and at times even tried to race other drivers. Considering this was Charlotte, North Carolina and not a race track, she still managed to have a little fun behind the wheel.

“Have you ever heard of that girl who races?” she asked one passenger.

“Danica?” the passenger nods.

“What do you think of her?” Patrick asked.

“Man, she’s awesome,” he replied.

When she finally comes clean, everyone is shocked and thrilled.

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