Wednesday 22nd May 2019,

Dez Bryant Goes On Tirade Directed At Reporters

Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant left the locker room on Thursday during the open media access after he unleashed a lengthy, profanity-laced tirade directed at multiple reporters.

At first, Dez Bryant was upset about a story that was written last week by ESPN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor. They exchanged words and Devin Street tried to get involved claiming that Taylor used a racial slur. Taylor, who is black, denies the claim and three others in the locker have confirmed that he did not use a racial slur.

Robert Klemko of The MMQB reported part of it on Twitter:

A few minutes later, Dez Bryant was made aware of the tweet and turned his anger on Klemko his rant toward Klemko.

“If you’re going to report something, report it right,” Bryant shouted.

Here is a video of what happened in the locker room.

Warning: Video contains strong language

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Jason Witten attempted to help calm the situation before coach Jason Garrett and Rich Dalrymple, the Cowboys’ senior vice president of public relations/communications, entered the locker room.

Dez Bryant later took to Twitter to make his case.

“Yea I blew up on the media but report why I blew up on y’all … Saying I don’t give a f— about me and calling players n—– is not professional …,” Bryant wrote.

But Bryant wasn’t really. A few hours later, he posted another message.

The Cowboys are in the middle of a six-game losing streak, the franchise’s longest since 1989.

This is Bryant’s second profane rant toward the media in recent weeks.

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