Monday 18th February 2019,

Jonathan Papelbon Wanted To Wear ‘Obama Can’t Ban These Guns’ Shirt

jonathan papelbon

Washington Nationals closer, Jonathan Papelbon, started off his spring training with an apology for choking his teammate Bryce Harper in the dugout last season.

Papelbon’s apology was almost upstaged by his choice of clothing. According to Thomas Boswell of the The Washington Post, Papelbon almost wore an inflammatory t-shirt to the press conference, but was talked out of it by the Nationals.

Later, he walked the Nats’ complex in a cut-off muscle T-shirt with arrows pointing to big biceps covered in jagged tattoos. The shirt said: “Obama Can’t Ban These Guns.” Pap wanted to wear that shirt to the “apology press conference,” but he was talked out of it.

This is not the first time Papelbon has voiced his opinion regarding President Obama’s stance on gun control.

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And just in case you forgot about the incident that took place last season, here is the video where you can see him choking his teammate Harper.

It is a little surprising that the Nationals decided to keep Papelbon after last seasons’ incident, but hopefully Papelbon has learned his lesson and will be able to refrain himself from attempting to choke another teammate this year.

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