Wednesday 22nd May 2019,

Kyrie Irving’s Alter Ego, Uncle Drew, Is Back


Uncle Drew is back! The popular character played by Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving has a new nemesis in the latest installment of the Pepsi commercial, Walt, another old timer player by Ray Allen.

Irving who writes and directs the commercials had the following to say about his visionary series:

“Uncle Drew has been on ice for the last year and a half. I’m excited to bring him back.”

“It’s awesome to get to chapter four. I just love every time when fans get to discover who else will join me. I surround myself with great people and love the freedom to come up with a new vision.”

This latest commercial begins with Uncle Drew working out with his voice. It then cuts to three old guys – Uncle Drew, Louis (played by former NBA star Baron Davis) and Angelo (played by actor JB Smoove) — playing dominoes and talking hoops. Uncle Drew then finds out Walt is in town, and they head to a local outdoor basketball court for the ultimate showdown.

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The Uncle Drew commercials are popular and have over 54 million YouTube views.

“When you’re a kid and seeing these spots being done, you want to be a part of it,” Irving said. “It’s something I enjoy and want to continue to do moving forward for a long time.

“It is definitely fun. You have to have the right kind of people doing it because you have to get outside the limitations of yourself and you have to be uncomfortable at times. When people get uncomfortable on cameras, that’s sometimes when the best moments come out.”

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