Wednesday 22nd May 2019,

Mayweather Calls Out De La Hoya For Crossdressing (Video)

Oscar de la hoya

Oscar De La Hoya takes numerous shots at Floyd Mayweather, so he can’t be surprised when Mayweather shoots back.

After photos of the De La Hoya dressed in drag surfaced years ago it was no surprise that Mayweather would have something to say about it. De La Hoya in lingerie will always be an easy target.

Here’s what Floyd Mayweather had to say about it when speaking to FightHype.

“It’s good to work with guys like Richard Schaefer and Al Haymon, guys that drug free, guys that wear suits, guys that dress like men…of course you know I’m sending shots at Oscar De La Hoya…I’m always sending shots at him because I don’t respect a man that dress in drag,”

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