Thursday 13th December 2018,

Tennis Player Accused Opponent Of Deliberately Throwing Her Racquet At A Ball Boy

Naomi Broady and Ostopenko

British tennis star Naomi Broady is furious with her Latvian opponent and has accused her of deliberately throwing her tennis racquet at a ball boy during the ASB Classic.

25 year-old Broady insisted that Jelena Ostapenko deliberately threw her racquet at a ball boy after chasing a winner in vain during the second set, but Ostapenko maintained the racquet slipped from her hand. Ostapenko was let off with a warning and not disqualified. Broady still managed to beat her.

Here’s a video of the incident:

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More words were exchanged at the end of the match and Broady had the following to say during her press conference.

Jelena commented that my behaviour was terrible, which I thought was a bit out of order considering the events that had gone on in the match.

I don’t think I did anything disrespectful to her or anyone else on the court.

I think it was quite clear that she threw her racquet and it hit a ball kid, which should be straight disqualified. I think on the replay it’s quite clear it didn’t slip from her hand.

She also later took to twitter to explain herself and thank her supporters.

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