Friday 05th June 2020,

Warriors’ Festus Ezeli Pranked By Teammates

Warriors’ Festus Ezeli Pranked By Teammates

Festus Ezeli

Lyft got a head start on April Fool’s Day by pranking Festus Ezeli.

Festus Ezeli, the Golden State Warrior star was the target of a hilarious prank by his teammates. Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson and other set out to convince Ezeli that he was cut from the team.

This is all part of Lyft’s new “prank mode”. The Lyft app is encouraging users in LA, NY and SF to prank their friends on April Fools Day.

The players had a fake sports talk radio broadcast playing in the car in which an announcement was made that Festus Ezeli had just been cut from the Warriors.

To make the prank even more credible, many of his teammates sent him texts wishing him luck and saying how nice it had been to work with him.

Here’s a video of the prank. Enjoy Ezeli’s priceless reaction:

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