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Miguel Cotto’s Five Losses

Miguel Cotto’s Five Losses

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Expect Miguel Cotto to go out on a winning note when he faces Sadam Ali Saturday night, in his farewell performance. Ali is a good fighter, but he’s a level below Cotto.

The Puerto Rican has had a career filled with huge moments. But he’s experienced agonizing low points, as well. Here is a look at Cotto’s five professional losses:

TKO 11 to Antonio Margarito, July 26, 2008: This was the first loss of Cotto’s career and travesty of justice. Cotto was in control for most of the bout, but Margarito kept coming forward and eventually wore Cotto down, battering him late in the fight. In his next fight, against Shane Mosley, Margarito was caught wrapping his hands in plaster prior to the bout. Post-fight pictures of Margarito’s hands after he defeated Cotto have led most observers to believe he almost surely used the same nefarious tactic against Cotto. Not only was Cotto’s perfect record blemished, he also sustained tremendous damage. Margarito should have been banned for life. Then again, had that happened, Cotto would have been denied his revenge three years later, when he stopped Margarito in Round 9.

TKO 12 to Manny Pacquiao, November 14, 2009: Manny Pacquiao was at the height of his remarkable run when he faced Cotto in this fight. Cotto was at a professional and personal low point-between trainers and estranged from his wife. Cotto made a tactical era early, choosing to engage too much with the more explosive Pacquiao. Eventually the fight turned into a rout. This was the single worst loss of his career.

UD 12 to Floyd Mayweather, May 5, 2012: This loss to Mayweather was not exactly close, but Cotto made some good strategic moves and gave the pound-for-pound king a competitive bout. Even in defeat, Cotto showed what a well-rounded fighter he is.

UD 12 to Austin Trout, December 1, 2012: Trout was a young lion and Cotto a well-established superstar when the faced off in the Garden in December 2012. Trout fought the best fight of his career and handed Cotto a surprisingly decisive loss.

UD 12 to Saul Alvarez, November 21, 2015: After stunning Sergio Martinez to become the World Middleweight Champion the previous year, Cotto faced Alvarez in the biggest Mexico-Puerto Rico showdown of recent years. Cotto fought a good bout, but Alvarez’s youth and size were too much for him.

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