Wednesday 23rd September 2020,

Oscar De La Hoya Postures

Oscar De La Hoya Postures

Boxing is a business. Fans should understand that, if they want to avoid perpetual frustration and resentment. As such, it is the promoter’s job to promote. That means, at times, stretching the truth with hype and exageration. As long as a promoter is not exploiting or ripping of his fighters, I do not hold mistatements of reality against him.

So I do not think less of Oscar De La Hoya for his posturing this week, in the wake of Gennady Golovkin’s narrow win over Daniel Jacob. When he eyes a potential superfight between GGG and Golden Boy’s biggest star, Canelo Alvarez, De La Hoya cannot be faulted for attempting to put his own side on the best possible footing for negotiations.

But just as it is the promoter’s job to promote, it is the writer’s job to offer necessary historical perspective, and to put the conversation in the proper perspective.

So let’s be clear: Regardless of what happened last Saturday night in New York City, and regardless of what happens next May in Las Vegas, when Alvarez faces Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at a catchweight of 165 pounds, Canelo still needs to fight GGG. That is the only fight out there that really means anything for Canelo at this point.

I can understand why Golden Boy made the bout with Chavez Jr. for Cinco De Mayo weekend. That’s a fight for the diehard Mexican fans, and it is interesting to fans around the world.

But ultimately, a bout with Golovkin is the only one that matters for Alvarez right now. De La Hoya can say what he wants about Golovkin’s “value” being lower following his narrow win over Jacobs, he is still the opponent Alvarez needs to face, to protect his own credibility.

Alvarez is the lineal middleweight champion and has been the top-rated junior middleweight since Floyd Mayweather retired. I actually thought Jacobs deserved to win last Saturday night, but it was a close fight and the judges picked Golovkin. So he remains the No. 1 contender to Alvarez’s lineal crown.

Who else is Alvarez going to fight, if not Golovkin? Willie Monroe or Billie Joe Saunders? David Lemieux?

It’s also an insult to Jacobs to denigrate Golovkin based upon the trouble he had against the Brooklyn native. Jacobs is an excellent fighter in his own right.

In truth, if Alvarez is not going to fight Golovkin after his upcoming bout with Chavez Jr. then he needs to face Jacobs.

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