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Russian Boxer Maxim Dadashev Dies from Injuries Suffered in Fight

Russian Boxer Maxim Dadashev Dies from Injuries Suffered in Fight


Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died Tuesday from injuries he suffered during a fight that took place on Friday.

Dadashev, 28, was taken to a hospital following his 11th-round loss to Subriel in an IBF junior welterweight title eliminator bout. He underwent a two-hour surgery because of brain swelling and was later put into a medically induced coma.

The previously undefeated boxer suffered a brain bleed on his right side and was showing signs of brain damage, his neurosurgeon revealed Saturday.

The fight was a brutal one and was stopped by his trainer McGirt after the 11th round. Dadashev shook his head when McGirt told him he was stopping the fight.

“If I don’t, the referee’s gonna do it. C’mon, Max. Please,” McGirt said.

At that point McGirt told the ringside doctor and referee he was throwing in the towel.

“I saw him fading and when he came back to the corner [after the 11th round], my mind was already made up,” McGirt said on Tuesday. “I was just asking him out of respect, but my mind was made up. I wasn’t going to let him go out there.”

Dadashev collapsed and started vomiting on the way back to the locker room and left the arena on a stretcher.

“It just makes you realise what type of sport we’re in, man,” McGirt told ESPN on Tuesday. “He did everything right in training, no problems, no nothing. My mind is like really running crazy, right now. Like what could I have done differently? But at the end of the day, everything was fine [in training]. He seemed OK, he was ready, but it’s the sport that we’re in. It just takes one punch, man.”

Dadashev was born in St Petersburg but was based in California. He was undefeated in 13 fights going into Friday’s bout. He was married with one child.

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