Wednesday 20th March 2019,

Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna: A Would-Be Contender

Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna: A Would-Be Contender


Boxing is an unforgiving sport and a brutal way to earn a living. It is also a zero sum game, with limited opportunities at the top of the mountain and a path scattered with bodies waiting to trip you as you struggle your way toward the top.

Plenty of physically gifted, talented fighters never rise above obscurity. Not everybody can be a champion–that goes without saying. But in reality, few even develop into true contenders.

Thomas Lamanna is the sort of fighter who currently hangs on the cliff between contender and stepping stone. At 6’2″ and with a 74″ reach, he has great height and length for a welterweight. And you don’t win 25 out of 27 professional boxing matches if you don’t have some skill.

But at 26, he is still very much on the uphill side of the grind. His two losses came against the two best opponents he has faced to date–in 2015 he got blasted via Round 6 TKO by middleweight contender Antoine Douglas. He moved down to welterweight following that bout, but lost to undefeated rising contender Dusty Hernandez by unanimous decision in September 2016.

He has won four fights since then–he’s stayed active and kept winning. If he can continue to do so, he’ll get more opportunities like he had against Douglas and Hernandez.

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