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How Far Can The East Teams Go In The 2020 March Madness?

How Far Can The East Teams Go In The 2020 March Madness?

The first quarter of this year is about to close this month, yet the 2020 March madness won’t take a slip of showcasing another historic season of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The said event will take place on March 17 at the University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, Ohio, and will feature 68 teams from four renowned divisions.

Last February, the NCAA selection committee initially announced the sixteen teams that topped the overall seeding process. It comprises four strongest college basketball teams representing the East, West, South, and Midwest regions. They have shown excellent pre-NCAA season playoffs that made them top in the seeding process.

As we inch a few more days before the March Madness season, there are a lot of surprises that take place in the initial seeding. Some teams remain on top while others fall. There are also teams who were never considered as good in the beginning but managed to play well in the elimination playoffs, and are now part in the top rankings.

Although the drama continues in the current ranking for the 2020 NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions | FanDuel, the teams coming from the Eastside remained solid. Remember that in the past NCAA Tournaments, a lot of champion teams came from the said region. That said, let’s get to know the top 4 teams from the East region and see what their fate looks like in the upcoming March Madness event.

San Diego State Aztecs

The San Diego Aztecs will represent the San Diego State University in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. They currently top the leaderboard in the Eastside ranking for the toughest teams to play in the NCAA. In fact, their ranking remained firm until today as they have been showing a lot of improvements, especially in their recent matches.

One of the reasons why the San Diego Aztecs are a solid team is because of their compact team players. All of them are contributing big when it comes to the defense and offense scoring of the team. Matt Michael is one of the Aztecs superstar players who function as a power forward.

Matt Michael’s current statistics lie on a 40% shooting precision both inside the perimeter and three-point line. He also recorded 11.9 points per game and 4.6 rebounds per game. Also, his defensive skills are impressive and might lead him to be possibly nominated as the Most Outstanding Player for this NCCA edition.

Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils take the second sport for the best teams to get seeded in the upcoming March Madness. This team will represent Duke University for the newest NCAA season headed by their coach, Mike Krzyzewski. Duke University was part of last year’s NCAA Elite Eight and hoped to show up in the National Championship this year.

If the San Diego Aztecs come with a solid first six players, then Duke Blue Devils have senior players to send inside the court this year. The Duke’s roster is led by Mason Plumee, who averages double-digit scoring per game. He also tallies 10.8 RPG (rebounds per game). Aise from that Seth Curry will also play his senior year this season, which was impressive in production in the offense division.

Maryland Terrapins

Taking the third spot for the toughest team to get seeded in the East region are the Maryland Terrapins. This team has been stable since they joined the NCAA tournament. The team will represent the University of Maryland in March Madness this year, which last appeared in 2016 as part of the Sweet Sixteen.

This year, the Maryland Terrapins are now back on the leaderboard as they have suffered few losses in their past games. They are also one of the few teams that get a chance to be part of the “Big Ten.” The Terps, on the other hand, can rise from the ashes and make a huge comeback even after a big loss, as seen in their past season.

Butler Bulldogs

The Butler Bulldogs are the last team to get a top seed in the Eastside for the upcoming NCAA matches. This team will play and represent Butler University. Along with the three teams listed above, their ranking also remained strong. In 2016, they reached the Sweet Sixteen, and this year, they are hoping to reach the championship spot.

Looking into the current basketball records of this team, the Butler Bulldogs have been showcasing a daily improvement of their defensive and offensive skills. If they continue to give out the best play this season, they might also bag the NCAA title this year.


With few more weeks remaining before the 2020 March Madness season will kick-off, the competition for the seeding process gets tighter. Hence, with the top four teams from the East region, can they all dominate the whole NCAA season to bring home the title this year? Let’s all look forward to that.

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