Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

Blake O’Neil Receives Death Threats After Loss to MSU


Michigan punter Blake O’Neil botched a punt with 10 seconds left to play during Saturday night’s game against Michigan State. The botched punt led Michigan State to a shocking game-winning touchdown for the Spartans. The end result, a 27-23 loss to Michigan State and some very angry fans who took to social media to voice their anger toward Blake O’Neil.

By now most of the tweets have been deleted but we were able to obtain a few screenshots thanks to Collegespun.com.

After witnessing some of these tweets directed at Blake O’Neil, Jim Hackett, Michigan interim athletic director, issued a public letter urging Wolverines fans to support their team and not send hurtful comments to one of their own.

“I’m asking that our community not lose this game twice by condoning thoughtless comments,” Hackett said in the letter. “… Today I awake to the shocking reality that our community who care so much about this program would send hurtful, spiteful and vicious comments to one of our students. To be clear, such comments come from a small minority, none of whom are reflective of our institution.”

Here is a copy of the official letter written by Jim Hackett and a video of the play that led to all of this:

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