Friday 21st September 2018,

USC WR Nelson Efamehule Agholor Shouldn’t Surprise You

nelsonThere are a ton of wide receivers in this class ready to make a difference in the NFL and poised to prove that this class is better than last years set of wide receivers. People however, are focusing on the amazing skills of WR Amari Cooper and the great talent of WR Kevin White, but there are more than enough players whose names you should remember.

One such talents comes from USC WR Nelson Agholor. Though I really hope the NFL makes light of the fact his middle name is really unpronounceable unless you know it. Efamehule (eff-a-MAY-hoo-lay) came from his native Nigeria and it means “May your name never be forgotten”. I am sorry but somewhere along the lines, all our parents messed up for not giving us names this awesome.

Agholor played 3 years for USC and was an All American in his last year and holds the record for punt returns for touchdown. His discipline is incredible. Picture the complete oppostei of TE Rob Gronkowski off the field and you got it in Agholor. Its his Incredible work ethic that helped him become a great route runner and an excellent competitor. He has great hands and a quick burst of speed, though not exactly a speedy receiver. He would work perfectly at the Slot position and most certainly look to move around and get open when plays break down.

“I’ve moved Agholor up after spending more time going back through his games. He’s maligned some because he’s not a physical freak, but when you watch him you see a player who really understands the craft, is always open, and finds ways to create separation. He’s a consistent hands-catcher and he wastes little motion in snatching the ball and becoming a running threat. – Mel Kiper

You hear about the players who score touchdowns more than the ones who make the right plays to move the chains, but Agholor is going to fit in perfectly with a team in need of a reliable receiver. Agholor finished his final USC year with 102 receptions for 1313 yards and 12 touchdowns. Eye opening numbers that prove his reliability and intelligence on the field. He might not be perfect since he fails to create separation with receivers when going over the top, but he is a dangerous returner and a very smart receiver, certainly should be enough to land him a great job in a good team late in the first round.

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