Thursday 13th December 2018,

Adrien Broner Criminal Charges Have Been Dropped

Adrien Broner Criminal Charges Have Been Dropped

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It’s official, Adrien Broner will not be prosecuted for allegedly pulling a gun on a man and violently robbing him earlier this year.

Broner was charged, back in January, with assault and aggravated robbery after allegedly punching a man outside of a bowling alley and then robbing him while holding a handgun.

Christopher Carson, the victim, said Broner beat him up in the parking lot after Broner lost thousands of dollars to him on bets over the course of an evening. He alleged Broner then threatened him with a handgun and eventually knocked him unconscious.

A trial was set to begin Wednesday but the judge dropped the charges after the prosecutor’s witness was a no-show.

The boxer is now completely off the hook as the civil suit against Broner was dropped a few months ago.

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