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Adrien Broner vs. Ricky Burns?

Adrien Broner vs. Ricky Burns?

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Less than a month ago, Adrien Broner still faced assault charges, stemming from an altercation outside of a bowling alley in his native Cincinnati. But when the case was due to begin, both the alleged victim and star witness failed to appear for court. As a result, the charges against Broner were dropped.

Now it looks as if Broner might fight for the WBA super lightweight title in December. According to British promoter Eddie Hearn, if current champion Ricky Burns successfully defends against Kiryl Relikh on October 7, he will face Adrien Broner in December.

This could be an interesting fight, in my estimation. Burns is exactly the sort of busy fighter that Broner sometimes struggles with. He lacks the power of Marcos Maidana, who thoroughly beat Broner up. And he doesn’t have the physical strength to impose the same bullying style on Broner that Shawn Porter did.

But Broner has a bad habit of fighting lazy. He has always fancied himself a peer to Floyd Mayweather and over-estimates his ability to control fights with pot-shot counter punching. But he lacks Mayweather’s defensive abilities, foot work, punching accuracy and overall boxing IQ. Against a hard-nosed, determined opponents like Burns, who has a solid whiskers, Broner will risk being out-worked.

The WBA belt Burns holds was previously held by Broner. Broner claimed it by defeating Ashley Theophane last April but was then forced to vacate it due to his legal problems. Burns won the vacated belt by defeating Italian Michele Di Rocco in May.

Neither Di Rocco or Theophane were truly deserving world-title challengers. They were fringe contenders, picked to help coronate a better fighter, with a decent following.

But if Burns gets by Relikh (no sure thing, the Ricky Hatton managed challenger can bang), the winner of Broner and Burns would definitely be legit. Both men are multiple-division world champions, with wins over solid competition.

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