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Darryl Strawberry Speaks About His Sex Addiction

Darryl Strawberry Speaks About His Sex Addiction

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Known for his struggles with drugs and alcohol, former New York Mets slugger Darryl Strawberry opened up about an intense sexual addiction.

Strawberry spoke to Dr. Oz (the full interview airs Thursday) and according to him his sex addiction use to be so bad that he would enlist locker room attendants to entice women to meet him for sex in the team clubhouse between innings. He used to get away with it because teammates would cover for him when he would be missing in action.

‘In the middle of games, yeah, I would go between innings, and stuff like that, and run back, and, you know, have a little party going on,’ he continued. ‘And, you know, I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, that’s just the addiction, the drive.’

Strawberry has since sought treatment for his addictions and says he’s a changed man — noting that his old behavior is “not good for anyone.” He has now taken it upon himself to reach out to athletes who struggle with drugs and alcohol, like former NBA star Lamar Odom.

‘I reached out a couple of times,’ Strawberry said. ‘Tried to reach him, and, and, just to encourage him that his, his life matters, you know, no matter what he’s going through. Just because we stand on a platform, we’ve been successful. Brokeness and hurting inside is real. And I try to encourage people; you can get healed on the inside.’

He also relates to those suffering with addiction by discussing his own history of abuse at the hands of his father.

‘I’ve seen so many people from our treatment centers, and young people broken,’ he said. ‘And, and there’s stories of being raped, and, and being abused. And I’ve told them it’s not their fault, what has happened to them. My abusive father, the abuse from my father wasn’t my fault. I didn’t sign up to be a drug addict, but eventually, you know, it happened.’

Darryl Strawberry has frequently credited his wife Tracy with his recovery. The two were married in October of 2006 and currently run ‘The Darryl Strawberry Foundation.’

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