Saturday 19th October 2019,

Derrick Rose Will Be Voting Himself into the NBA All-Star Game

Derrick Rose Will Be Voting Himself into the NBA All-Star Game

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If you’re wondering whether Derrick Rose’s unflappable confidence in his game has somehow wavered, rest assured he’s as confident as ever.

Just take a look at what he said about this year’s NBA All-Star game, per Newsday‘s Al Iannazzone:

This reads incredibly funny. The irony of Rose downplaying the importance of an All-Star game and emphasizing his preference for time off only to admit he’ll vote himself into the superstar exhibition is off the charts.

Of course, we should expect similar sentiments throughout the league, even if players don’t make their intentions public.

Now that the talent has a say in who makes the All-Star tilt, there are going to be plenty of players voting for themselves. These guys, whether they’re actually All-Stars or not, are in the NBA for a reason. They have serious confidence in themselves and their abilities. That’s what it takes to even get to this level.

In Rose’s case, though, he needn’t worry about his own vote sabotaging his vacation plans. He’s been good this year, but nowhere near good enough to earn a trip to New Orleans.

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