Wednesday 21st August 2019,

Durant & Curry on Warriors Losing to Raptors

Durant & Curry on Warriors Losing to Raptors


The Warriors lost to the Raptors on Wednesday for the second time this season and Kevin Durant and Steph Curry were very quick to praise the team. The final score was 113-93, a win pulled off with the help of Kawhi Leonard as he sat out with a bruised right hip.

Following the game Kevin Durant said the Raptors were composed of champions and that they have the experience to compete with the Warriors.

“They got veterans over there,” Durant said. “I don’t know what you mean ‘young team.’ They have champions over there in Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard. They got guys that have played in big playoff games like Serge Ibaka, Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas.

“They have a great mix of veterans and young players. They have a new coach, but the leaders of their team have been through some wars. So I wouldn’t call them a young team or say them beating us two times will give them extra confidence. They’re not an up-and-coming team. They’re here.”

Curry pretty much said the same thing Durant did.

“(They have) athletic wings and bigs that can shoot 3s and put the ball on the floor. We know Kyle Lowry is a great player,” Curry said, per ESPN. “Obviously, when Kawhi plays we know what he’s about, but just pretty well-rounded, and they’ve shown different styles to win games. Tonight, they were obviously the better team and everybody seemed to have confidence and was playing off each other really well. And on our end, we just didn’t have it.”

With the win, the Raptors swept the season series from the Warriors. They snapped a 13-game losing streak in Oakland, the longest road losing streak against a single opponent in franchise history. Both Warriors players and coaches gave the Raptors credit for their performance.

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