Wednesday 19th June 2019,

Gary Bettman on the NHL’s Unique Growth Opportunities

Gary Bettman on the NHL’s Unique Growth Opportunities

The NHL now has the opportunity to grow more than ever before.

On Tuesday, Commissionaer Gary Bettman spoke of the league’s future during the “GameChangers: Creating the Future of Sports,” conference.

“We have a great opportunity to grow in places and in ways that we’ve never been able to do it before because we’re getting more exposure in more places,” said Bettman.

“Using all of the new opportunities, all of the new platforms, gives us a way to reach fans that we haven’t been able to reach before,” Bettman added. “If you go back and whether it was the 11 o’clock news or Sportscenter, historically we got less coverage than everybody else.”

The NHL not only has a long-term TV deal with NBC it has now signed a digital rights deal with Major League Baseball Advanced Media in order to reach even more fans.

“In terms of the size of our audience, not their avidity, but the size has always been impacted by underexposure,” Bettman said. “Our footprint is (now) broader than it has ever been.”

Bettman, who has been commissioner of the league since 1993, has added several new markets across the US such as Anaheim, Miami, Nashville, Columbus, Minnesota, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Raleigh and next season it will introduce its newest team, when it welcomes the Vegas Golden Knights.

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