Wednesday 17th July 2019,

Austin Jackson Leaps Over Wall to Make Catch of the Year

Austin Jackson Leaps Over Wall to Make Catch of the Year

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The Cleveland Indians center fielder, Austin Jackson, reached over the outfield wall to rob the Boston Red Sox of a sure home run.

Ordinarily, Fenway Park fans don’t give standing ovations to opposing players, but there was nothing ordinary about Austin Jackson’s catch.

In the fifth inning Tuesday night at Fenway Park, Hanley Ramirez opened the inning with a long drive toward the triangle in center field. Austin Jackson tracked the ball to the five-foot fence in front of the Boston’s bullpen, launched himself into the air, caught the ball and then tumbled over the fence into the bullpen. Take a look

‘‘Really you’re just trying to get back to the wall and try to read it. That particular one, I got back and I tried to get to the fence first,’’ Jackson said. ‘‘When I jumped, I caught it and I realized I was about to take a tumble on the other side.’’

Jackson managed to hook one arm over the top of the wall to brace himself as he went over it. He wasn’t quite prepared for the response he received.

‘‘That was awesome. I was just so pumped up it was like I didn’t even hear them,’’ Jackson said. ‘‘I was just pumped up for us and glad that I was able to hold on to it. Especially going over like that, I could’ve easily dropped it.’’

Even Ramirez couldn’t believe what had just happened.

The Red Sox went on to win 12-10 on Christian Vazquez’s three-run homer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth.

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