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Kermit Cintron Signs New Promotional Deal

Kermit Cintron Signs New Promotional Deal

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On March 28, King’s Promotion announced that it had signed a promotional deal with former IBF world welterweight champion Kermit Cintron. The deal comes just over two years since Cintron’s last appearance in the ring, a unanimous decision over stepping stone Ronald Cruz.

Cintron had a very nice run in the sport between the time of his professional debut in 2000 and 2010, when he injured his knee in a technical-decision loss to Paul Williams. He won his first 24 fights and captured the NABF welterweight belt before getting stopped by Antonio Magarito in his first world-title challenge, in April 2004.

Kermit Cintron came back to score a Round 5 TKO over Mark Suarez in October 2006, to capture the vacant IBF welterweight belt. He defended it with two stoppages before getting stopped by Margarito with a body shot in April 2008. Only two fights later, Margarito was caught wrapping his hands with plaster before a fight with Shane Mosley.

Cintron came back from the second loss to Margarito to beat Lovemore Ndou and then draw with Sergio Martinez, who was an elite pound-for-pound fighter at that point. He beat Alfredo Angulo and Juliano Ramos before his 2010 meeting with Williams, another major star of the era. In a competitive fight, Cintron fell out of the ring during Round 4 and injured his knee. With Cintron forced to leave the ring on a stretcher, the fight went to the cards, where two of three judges had Williams winning. Cintron had wobbled Williams with a good shot just before the accident.

Since that loss, Cintron’s career has not been on the same level. He took a break of 14 months, then lost his return fight to Carlos Molina. His last fight against a top-notch contender was against a rising Saul Alvarez in November 2011. Alvarez battered Cintron, stopping him in Round 5.

I love a good comeback story the same as the next fight writer hack, but it’s hard for me to view Kermit Cintron as a guy who has a legitimate shot at becoming a contender again. He does have a solid reputation and name recognition, so he will probably have the chance to make some money fighting some of the junior middleweights many rising stars.

That’s a tough way to earn a living at age 37. But I suppose there are tougher ways.

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