Saturday 30th May 2020,

Kings Could Trade 1st Round Picks to Move Up to No. 3

Kings Could Trade 1st Round Picks to Move Up to No. 3

The NBA Draft rumor mill starts heating up as we progress through June. With Markelle Fultz seeming to be the guy in Boston and Lonzo Ball maybe not being the guy in Los Angeles, a new report is out there that the point guard needy Sacramento Kings have their sights set on DeAaron Fox and are willing to give up quite a bit to get him.

According to ESPN Draft Insider’s most recent mock draft, there is some chatter around the league about the Kings being interested in dealing the No. 5 and No. 10 pick to either the 76ers at No. 3 or the Lakers at No. 2 in order to move up and draft Fox.

Here is an excerpt from Ford’s piece:

“There’s talk inside the organization about combining picks Nos. 5 and 10 to move up in the draft to secure Fox. If they found a taker, that would be a high price to pay to move up two to three spots.”

It is clear that the Kings are in love with DeAaron Fox and with his elite quickness and command of an offense you can see why. While there is plenty of nonsense going around this time of year and misinformation as teams try to play mind games with one another to acquire the player they really desire, we all know the Kings aren’t good at that game so I see this rumor as being pretty legitimate.

Of course there is a path for Fox to fall to the Kings at No. 5, but with the Lakers and 76ers now considering him at No. 2 and No. 3 and the Suns obsession with point guards at No. 4, it seems the Kings would have to move up to get him. There is always one player who makes a leap and is the sexy name in the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft and it seems like Fox fits the bill this year as many now believe he is a better prospect than fellow point guard Lonzo Ball.

The Kings could benefit by using both picks to acquire a scoring combo guard in Malik Monk at No. 5 and a stretch five in Lauri Markkanen at No. 10 potentially, but if they are convinced Fox is a star point guard then he does seemingly fit perfectly next to Buddy Hield with his potentially elite level ability to defend and the length and size to defend a one or a two. He will make up for Hield’s defensive inefficiencies and lack of NBA athleticism and put him in the best positions to score on offense.

I think the Kings should actually pull the trigger on this deal if they are convinced he will be gone.

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