Thursday 09th July 2020,

Knicks Owner James Dolan Gets in Verbal Altercation with Knicks Fan

Knicks Owner James Dolan Gets in Verbal Altercation with Knicks Fan

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James Dolan is at it again, accusing people of being drunk.

Per Deadspin‘s McKenna, Mike Hamersky,a New York Knicks season-ticket holder, claimed the team’s owner got in his face prior to the ‘Bockers’ win over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night. McKenna reached out to Dolan, who confirmed the allegations, admitting to calling Hamersky an “asshole,” and that the fan “smelled of alcohol.”

Here’s the account of what went down, via McKenna:

“Sell the team, Jim!” Hamersky shouted.

According to Hamersky, Silva, and Dolan, the team owner, rather than getting in the car, turned around and walked toward them, asking who yelled. Hamersky admitted/boasted it was him, and Dolan got in his face and started yelling. Dolan asked Mike Hamersky what he did for a living, and Hamersky told him he’s a lawyer. “I think he was surprised to hear that,” Hamersky says.

Hamersky says Dolan then yelled, “What if I showed up at your office and called you an asshole? Because you are an asshole!”

Dolan remembers yelling a bit more at the heckler: “What if I told you, ‘You suck at your job?’ Or, ‘How do you like losing that case?”

On the one hand, Dolan absolutely has the right to respond when he’s getting accosted outside his place of work. On the other hand, it’s hysterical how he always believes he’s taking the high road by stooping down to the level of fans he clearly deems inferior.

Dolan was quick to reference the nasty email he sent back to an angry fan in 2015. He appears to subscribe to the “Well you did this, so why can’t I” school of thought, which is very third grade of him.

Again, it’s his prerogative to respond when he’s being called out, but like each of his appearances on ESPN New York’s The Michael Kay Show, his rebukes never cease to make him look worse than he did before.


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