Wednesday 21st August 2019,

Kobe Calls for Co-MVPs This Season, Introduces New Segment on ESPN

Kobe Calls for Co-MVPs This Season, Introduces New Segment on ESPN


As we all know, the race for league MVP this season has been an epic two-horse race almost from the very beginning, as Russell Westbrook and James Harden have each been having all-time great seasons.

That makes the decision for who should be honored as the league’s most valuable player extremely difficult, and former league MVP himself, Kobe Bryant, doesn’t want to have to make that decision and doesn’t think we should have to.

The Black Mamba, while appearing on ESPN on Sunday, said that we could be witnessing even more history this season as he thinks we would have our first co-MVPs.

Kobe discussed the race and his fan hood of Westbrook and Harden as part of his new, “Canvas City, Musecage” animated segment on ESPN, which is a bizarre yet interesting combination of Sesame Street, theater and basically Kobe’s own whole new world of basketball analysis. It’s a fun way to teach kids about the game of basketball.

He even has his own “Little Mamba” puppet for the world to enjoy…

I don’t know what will be more interesting, to see how the voters will decide between Westbrook and Harden this season, or what to expect next from Kobe’s new “Canvas City, Musecage” segments on ESPN.

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