Wednesday 21st August 2019,

Michael Irvin Denies Sexual Assault Allegation

Michael Irvin Denies Sexual Assault Allegation


Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin is denying allegations that he sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman in a Florida hotel.

Last March, a woman filed a police report claiming she had been assaulted by Michael Irvin, but according to him, the woman is a family friend and like a niece.

“I have never, ever, in that decade, we’ve never had any kind of dating relationship and we’ve never had any kind of sexual relationship or sexual relations in any way,” Irvin, 51, told Fox 4 TV in Dallas. “She’s like a little niece. She’s been around me, she’s been around my family, been out to eat with us. I considered her a friend.”

“A lot of people think, ‘Well, Michael, were you being careless?'” said Irvin. “I thought I was being caring, making sure all of my friends and family members got home safely, and/or just slept it off and didn’t get out in the streets driving after we had been hanging out drinking.”

According to TMZ, the woman said she was at bar with Irvin, and last remembers being at a hotel with him. There she said she started to feel sick and had to fight him off.

She said in the report that the next morning she was afraid the she had been drugged and raped, but Irvin said to Fox 4 that he was only in the room with her for a short period of time, and she was extremely intoxicated. He, and his legal team, also have said they have surveillance footage that goes against her story.

As for asking the public to consider him a victim, too, Irvin said, “I don’t mind you saying it’s a stretch. Because the reality is the tape will show she walked out with me, that there was no one passed out in the room. That is going to be the evidence and we’re getting that tape.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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