Wednesday 16th January 2019,

Mike Tyson Defends Donald Trump

Trump- Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is not abandoning Donald Trump any time soon, he still has his back.

The former boxing champ does not seem bothered by Donald Trump’s call to ban foreign Muslims from the U.S. even though Tyson himself is a Muslim. He believes that Trump’s inflammatory comments were not out of the ordinary compared to bad things others say about minority groups. Tyson has said that the impact of the proposed ban on Muslims would be decided by the voters, not the media.

According to him, presidential candidates offend people all the time.

“Anybody that was ever president of the United States offended some group of people or some groups of people were offended,” Tyson said. “You can talk about Trump, Trump can talk about those people. We’ll see who wins.”

When Mike Tyson was questioned by TMZ on whether or not Donald Trump should apologize to those outraged by his comments, Tyson said to “ask his fans if he needs to apologize. He’s still ahead in the polls and he deserves a chance. If they don’t like him, they shouldn’t vote for him.”

Tyson first endorsed Trump back in October saying that President Obama’s plans were not working and that it was time to ‘try something new.’


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