Saturday 03rd December 2022,

Ole Miss Gets 2-Year Bowl Ban, Scholarship Loss for NCAA Violations

Ole Miss Gets 2-Year Bowl Ban, Scholarship Loss for NCAA Violations

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After five years of investigation, analysis and consideration, Ole Miss has received its NCAA ruling which included several sanctions for NCAA rules violations as well as a two-year bowl ban.

The Ole Miss football program faced 21 allegations, some of which being academic fraud, impermissible benefits provided to student-athletes by boosters and a lack of institutional control.

As per SB Nation’s Godfrey’s source, the penalties should look something like this:

– an additional bowl-ban year (2018).

– probation running concurrently with current probation for a total of four years.

– financial penalties.

– a total scholarship reduction of 13 over a period of years. That’s in addition to the 11 over four years that Ole Miss self-imposed, which already meant three or four fewer scholarship players per year.

– every coach named in the NCAA’s investigation has received a show-cause (essentially an NCAA blackball for a period of time). That doesn’t include new head coach Matt Luke, who wasn’t named. Former assistant David Saunders’ show-cause runs for eight years. Former staffer Barney Farrar faces five.

With the NCAA investigation finally over, Matt Luke has a lot of work left to be done. Their image is damaged and their roster could potentially be damaged by transfers and decommitments. Ole Miss will need to quickly fill the 2018 class with whatever it can and begin working on the 2019 class.

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