Thursday 06th October 2022,

Rafael Nadal Pulls Out of ATP Finals

Rafael Nadal Pulls Out of ATP Finals

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Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the ATP Finals because of persistent abdominal injury and will take the time off to have ankle surgery.

Last week his injury forced him out of the Paris Masters and now Nadal season is over as he will not play in London, because of abdominal issue and a long-standing ankle problem.

“It has been a complicated year — very good at the tennis level when I have been able to play and, at the same time, very bad as far as injuries are concerned,” Nadal wrote on Twitter. “I have done everything possible to get to the end of the season in good condition, both to Paris and to London, doing things well, and I really wanted to play.

“Unfortunately, I had the abdominal problem in Paris last week and I also have a free body in the ankle joint that has to be removed in the operating room [on Monday].

“We had detected it for some time and it occasionally bothered me. However, since the problem in the abdominal muscle also prevents me from playing in London, we are taking the time to remove the free body and avoid future problems.

“This way I hope to be in full condition for next season.”

Nadal will undergo a small ankle surgery in order to make a fresh start in Brisbane 2019. He has not been featured on the ATP World Tour since retiring in the semifinals of the U.S. Open in September.

The ATP Finals will be taking place next week.

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