Monday 06th April 2020,

Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to be an Actor

Cristiano Ronaldo Wants to be an Actor

Once Cristiano Ronaldo decides to hang up his cleats he hopes to take his career in a completely different direction,

Ronaldo is one of the most globally recognizable footballers in the world, with 118 million followers on Instagram, 67.3 million on Twitter, and 122.6 million Likes on Facebook. He also has his own lifestyle brand of products, clothes, and even a few hotels.

But once he ends his career as a footballer superstar he is hoping to land a Hollywood role or two.

“I am focused right now because my football career will finish one day – we all have to retire one day,” Ronaldo told Sky Italia, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“I know that day will come. But right now, I am enjoying the moment. When I am retired, I think I will have a good life. I don’t say that because of money.

“I want to try other things; for example, to do movies. I started to plan my future when I was 27, 28 – a long time ago, I began preparing.

“I have a good team, who work in my company, who start to build good things going forward. In football, I am very calm because I know they depend on me.”

Even though he is planning his retirement, fans need not worry as Ronaldo is not yet ready to hang it up.

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