Friday 05th June 2020,

Rugby Player, Haydn Peacock Suffers Horrific Penis Injury

Rugby Player, Haydn Peacock Suffers Horrific Penis Injury

Haydn Peacock

Rugby player Haydn Peacock suffered a horrible injury when his penis nearly got ripped off during a game in France.

Peacock, a 23-year-old from Australia, was playing in a French Federation of Rugby League Elite 1 match last month when the unthinkable happened.

He was taking the ball up for a run when an opposing player grabbed hold of his penis and then forced him to the ground. Unfortunately the force of the tackle caused the penis to come away from his body.

Unbelievably he managed to continue playing until half-time at which time he decided to take a look at the injury.

He underwent surgery and needed 11 stitches to repair the appendage.

‘At half-time I was like, I’ve got to have a look, I checked on it and the skin was half ripped off and I was like, s***, where’s the doctor? Where’s the doctor?’ Peacock told a freelance journalist.

‘He (the opposition player) made a tackle by reaching out and grabbing my d***, he got a hold of my d*** with one hand and pulled me down,’ Peacock said.

The coach wanted him to buy a cup for his next game but instead he insisted on getting heavily strapped since he thought a cup would get in the way of his running.

Through it all, Haydn Peacock kept his sense of humour and posted the following caption with the now infamous photo: ‘not the best reason to be on the front page of the paper this morning, 11 stitches later for the little fella but she’ll be right.’

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