Sunday 16th December 2018,

Salita Promotions Signs Eudy Bernardo


Boxing is a true freelance sport, as opposed to the most popular team sports, which are corporate mega trusts. There’s a down side to this. With everybody in the sport operating largely in their own self-interest, a lot of time is spent chasing short-term money, to the detriment of the sport’s long-term health.

But overall, boxing’s entrepreneurial spirit makes the sport more colorful and vibrant than the various leagues (including boxing’s closest rival, the UFC). As in any business, it can be tough to compete with the well-connected, big-money organizations, such as Top Rank, Golden Boy, and Al Haymon’s PBC series. Still, in boxing, the lay of the land allows ambitious and determined hustlers to elbow some room onto the scene. A hard-working promoter can stay busy, build a reputation, and maybe eventually attract the type of quality fighters that will allow them to become legitimate players at the big-league level.

Brooklyn-based Salita Promotions have been steadily building in that direction for the past five years now. Their Brooklyn Brawl series has regularly presented respectable and exciting cards, with a mix of local and international talent. Their roster of fighters continues to swell with fighters who are demanding attention. Jarrell Miller is a big, charismatic heavyweight who continues to climb the ranks. Recent signing Nikolay Potapov is streaking his way toward a spot in the bantamweight top 10.

Earlier this week, the promotion announced the addition of another good-looking prospect, undefeated lightweight Eudy Bernardo, of the Dominican Republic. Bernardo should be an exciting addition to the 135-pound scene in the United States. He’s 20-0, with 14 KOs. At a lean, 5’11”, he has the classic frame for a power puncher.

Dmitriy Salita sounded extremely enthusiastic about his new fighter in this week’s press release, noting that Eudy Bernardo’s “skills, size and power give him the ability to be dominant in several weight classes…he is a world-class prospect who is hungry to compete against the best fighters in his division.”

Eudy Bernardo has a very strong amateur background, and he’s now working with Frank Tate in Houston. Tate could be an outstanding fit for him, as he was himself a decorated amateur who graduated to world championship status. Tate was one of nine U.S. gold medalists on the legendary 1984 Olympic team and held the IBF middleweight title as a professional.

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