Monday 19th August 2019,

So LaVar Ball Sent a Pair of Lonzo Ball’s Signature Shoe to Donald Trump After All

So LaVar Ball Sent a Pair of Lonzo Ball’s Signature Shoe to Donald Trump After All

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Will this weird, and most recently one-sided, LaVar Ball-Donald Trump rivalry/mutual dislike/soap opera ever end?


But not right now.

After promising to send the President of the United States a pair of Lonzo Ball’s signature shoes, the ZO2s, it seems that LaVar has delivered. TMZ Sports caught up with Papa Ball again (because why not?), and he says, barring any security snafus, Trump will be getting the latest Big Baller Brand footwear (h/t Bleacher Report)

“I sent Trump his shoes,” he said. “He should have them—unless they took ’em!”

Now, maybe you’re wondering why on earth Ball would send Trump a pair of ZO2s. After all, don’t the two dislike each other or whatever?

Recap time!

Ball explained why to TMZ last weekend, in part because he was pressed about the issue, but also because he is LaVar Ball, and he probably would have talked about this anyway:

TMZ: You got billionaires like Mark Cuban backing you up…Pretty much they’re saying that you’re beating Trump at his own game.

LaVar: What game we playing? We ain’t playing no game. Check this out, man: I’m going to send Trump some ZO2s. We just got ’em out, man. We putting them on flight today. Today is the 24th, and I said we shipping out ZO2s. You know what? I gotta ship some to Trump, so he can calm down a little bit. Get him some ZO2s so he can play on the court. Not in the court, but on the court.

TMZ: They recently got him golfing.

LaVar: They got him golfing? Tell him to come ball at the Big Baller Brand’s estate.

Well, there you have it. Say what you will about this feud between president and citizen. Call it whatever you want it. Ignore it, even. Just don’t say LaVar Ball isn’t a man of his word.

Because, clearly, he is.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be refreshing Trump’s Twitter feed, waiting for 280-characters’ worth of incoherent jibber-jabber about how his secret service agents set fire to the inbound pair of ZO2s upon arrival.

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