Saturday 14th December 2019,

Stephen Curry Made History in Return to Golden State Warriors Lineup

Stephen Curry Made History in Return to Golden State Warriors Lineup

Steph Curry

Stephen Curry returned from a sprained left MCL on Monday night, coming off the Golden State Warriors’ bench. And for a little while, he looked human.

Then all of a sudden, he didn’t.

Through the first three quarters of the Warriors’ overtime win against the Portland Trail Blazers, Curry wasn’t good. And then the fourth quarter and overtime happened, and he was amazing:

Curry tallied 17 points in the overtime period alone, outscoring the Blazers on his own. That point total, for the record, is the most in an overtime period for any player in any game ever.


The one and only appropriate reaction to this? Screaming “Holy freaking crap” at the top of your lungs before fainting, only to regain conscious for six seconds, as you ponder the meaning of life, then promptly faint again.

Here are some other factoids to put Curry’s game in perspective:

And this happened after the dude didn’t really play basketball for a few weeks. What’s going to happen in Game 5, when he has a full contest’s worth of action under his belt? Or how about beyond that? What’s going to happen then?

Nothing good for the rest of the NBA, most notably the Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder or San Antonio Spurs, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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