Thursday 06th October 2022,

The NFL Partners with ‘Fortnite’ Video Game

The NFL Partners with ‘Fortnite’ Video Game


“Fortnite” has quickly become the biggest video game ever. It has well over 100 million players and is tracking to reach $2 billion in revenue by the end of the year.

That kind of phenomenon transcends video game circles. It has attracted celebrities as well as pro athletes to the point of even been viewed as a distraction by some professional teams. The NHL’s Vancouver Canucks for one has reportedly banned it from being played on road trips.

Considering how popular it is, it comes as no surprise to see some character dances during player celebrations and now the NFL is taking advantage of this by partnering with Epic Games for officially licensed skins in the video game.

The jerseys of all 32 NFL teams will be available in “Fortnite” and will be sold through the in-game store using its “V-Bucks” currency. The cost will equate to about $15 per uniform. The jerseys will be customizable and there will also be football-themed emotes, harvesting tools, gliders, plus referee and “Fortnite” uniforms.

The NFL has granted the license for its uniforms/logos/team names, and the NFLPA is involved as well since current players will be receiving a cut of what’s made.

So make sure to get your “Fortnite” NFL jerseys as early as November 9th.

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