Sunday 19th May 2019,

Video: Chris Coghlan Goes Airborne to Avoid Tag

Video: Chris Coghlan Goes Airborne to Avoid Tag


Chris Coghlan, of the Toronto Blue Jays, went full Willie Mays Hayes to score a run for the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday night.

Running toward home on Kevin Pillar’s seventh-inning triple, Coghlan knew he had to quickly decide as he approached seven-time All-Star Yadier Molina at the plate. So what did her do? He dove over the catcher to avoid the tag. Take a look:

Unbelievable! Here’s another look at it.

So what did Coghlan have to say about scoring one of the most memorable runs in the modern history?

“Last second really,” Coghlan admitted. “I was coming around third. I looked to my left to see where the ball was and I thought it was going to beat me. Then probably the last step or two I saw Yadi go down and your first thought’s like, OK I’m going to run him over because he’s right over the plate. Then I was thinking since he was down, why don’t you jump and I just jumped. Then the rest was history. I was joking. I was trying to do my best Willie Mays Hayes impersonation.”

That made it 3-2 Toronto. What a way to score a run.

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