Wednesday 21st August 2019,

Warriors GM Bob Myers Says Warriors Are Not in ‘San Antonio Spurs’ Legacy Category

Warriors GM Bob Myers Says Warriors Are Not in ‘San Antonio Spurs’ Legacy Category

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Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers seems like an even-keeled, genuine, all-around good dude. Let’s get that out of the way.

Part of his charm is his humility—this refusal, deliberate or unconscious, to get caught up in any form of Warriors hysteria. And that doesn’t change when you’re talking about legacies, about historical success, about dynasties. As he told The Vertical’s Michael Lee, he doesn’t yet feel Golden State is in the same class as the San Antonio Spurs:

“Part of being successful is feeling like you never made it,” Myers told The Vertical. “Look at the [New England] Patriots. Look at the Spurs. I don’t think they walk around like their work is done. There is always work to do. There’s always things to learn. There’s always new challenges. … Some organizations can make that statement. They have had great success. The Spurs are an example of that. We are not in their category. Maybe one day we will be, but we’re not now. And so, realizing that, being honest about that, and knowing we have a lot of work to do and hopefully, we can continue to compete. That’s the challenge – being able to continue to compete for championships.”

It has to be hard on some level to keep this in perspective for Myers. No, his team isn’t a dynasty, but it’s a presumed dynastic superpower. Even if he doesn’t want to count rings that haven’t been won, vision of multiple titles, one coming right after the other, have to dance through his head.

At the same time, it’s probably hella hard for Myers to judge his team from an executive’s standpoint. Like, how do you know when to tinker with them and leave them alone? Chasing Kevin Durant is one thing. It’s a no-brainer. But he has to balance the sense of complacency with the fact that, sometimes, the best move is none at all.

Basically, Myers is worthy of your kudos, both because of his role in building and assembling these Warriors, and because he, despite all the pomp and promise, won’t anoint Golden State something it technically isn’t just yet—even if the team is barreling in that general direction.

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