Wednesday 19th June 2019,

Warriors Unanimously Voting Not to Visit White House

Warriors Unanimously Voting Not to Visit White House

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This may come as no surprise considering the comments many within the Golden State Warriors have made in recent months about current U.S. President Donald Trump, but the Warriors have apparently unanimously decided not to visit the White House to celebrate their 2016-17 NBA championship.

Here is a tweet from CNBC Reporter Josh Brown:

One would think that this is a quick decision for the team to come to unanimously considering they became champions just last night, and it may not be official at all, but this team has been on the same page from top to bottom for some time now and this decision was probably made by them the second Trump was elected.

For a brief refresher of the Warriors disapproval of the current president, Shaun Livingston has said he would not visit the White House with Trump in office, Steve Kerr said Trump’s policies are un-American, and Steph Curry basically called Trump an “Ass”.

There have been numerous players in the past and in recent years to decline an invitation to the White House to celebrate a title (mostly NFL & MLB players), but I am not sure if the whole team has ever declined an invite.

While I understand the argument of respecting the presidency, I commend the Warriors for standing up for what they feel is right and taking a stand against a regime that they do not support.

I am sure President Trump will tweet something about this decision sometime in the next few weeks at 2 a.m. and there might even be some covfefe involved.

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