Saturday 15th December 2018,

Chip Kelly Says He Hasn’t Heard From USC

Chip Kelly

Now that USC head coach Steve Sarkisian has been relieved of his duty, the Trojans are presumably looking for a big name to fill that void. And because his Philadelphia Eagles haven’t quite panned out the way he had hoped so far, many are speculating that Chip Kelly will be out in Philly and will be interested in the USC job. It’s not uncommon for a college coach to try his hand in the NFL, cash in, and return to college. Happens frequently. But according to Kelly. He hasn’t heard from USC.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly says he has not heard from Southern California athletic director Pat Haden or any other schools with openings.

Kelly’s name frequently comes up when colleges are looking for coaches. He was successful at Oregon but has yet to match that in the NFL.

”I get it – we’re not successful and we’re not winning,” Kelly said Thursday. ”I came from college, (so) I’m going to go back to college.”

He hopes to become like the Giants’ Tom Coughlin, a former Boston College coach, ”where I win enough games that the speculation ends.”

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