Sunday 29th November 2020,

David Ortiz to Retire After 2016 Season


It’s hard to believe, but David Ortiz is now 40 years old and has enjoyed lengthy career in Boston. But that career will be coming to an end pretty soon as the DH reportedly plans to retire after this 2016 campaign.

USA Today Sports is reporting that David Ortiz will officially announce the news Wednesday, which is his 40th birthday. Fox Sports was first to report the news that Ortiz was retiring following the upcoming season.

Only 10 position players in Red Sox history have played past their 40th birthday, and only three have played in as many as 100 games past that age: Carl Yastrzemski, who played 446 games; Ted Williams, 216; and Bing Miller, 109.

Now, the question whether or not he’s hall of fame worthy comes into play and there are legitimate arguments on either side. David Ortiz is a nine-time all, three-time champion and above all, a Boston fan favorite. This farewell tour should be special next season.

H/T: espn

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