Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

Don Mattingly, Dodgers Agree to Mutually Part Ways


There was much speculation regarding whether or not Don Mattingly would return as Dodgers manager following this season. Frankly, it seemed as if the only thing that would keep him around would’ve been a World Series title. But that’s not happening, so the assumption is that he’d be let go.

But with one year left on the deal, it’s being reported that both Mattingly and the Dodgers have mutually agreed to part ways, and the manager actually turned down a contract extension.

Don Mattingly and the Dodgers will part ways, sources tell CBS Sports.

The decision is being described as mutual.

Dodgers higher-ups like Mattingly very much, but it was apparent there wasn’t support for the long-term. Word is Mattingly felt he was treated very well by baseball president Andrew Friedman and others, but the sides ultimately decided it was better to move on.


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