Monday 25th March 2019,

Harper And Papelbon Fight In Nationals’ Dugout


The Washington Nationals season reached a new low on Sunday as Bryce Harper, star player and potential MVP, and Jonathan Papelbon got into a fight in the dugout during the game. After Harper flied out of the eighth inning he and Papelbon exchanged words at which point Papelbon tried to choke Harper. Teammates had to pull them apart.

After the game, Papelbon and Harper tried to downplay the fight.

“It’s squashed and it’s good, we’ve moved on,” Papelbon said.

“I grew up with brothers, he grew up with brothers, I view him as a brother,” Papelbon said. “And sometimes in this game, there’s a lot of testosterone and things spill over.”

“He apologized, so whatever,” Harper said. “I really don’t care. … It’s like brothers fighting. That’s what happens.”

Washington was eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday and has lost five of its past six games.

Here are a few reactions to the altercation from the sports world.

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