Sunday 24th March 2019,

Jordan Spieths, The 2015 Player Of The Year, Responds To Winning $10 Million


Jordan Spieth won the Fedex Cup and capped off one of the greatest seasons in history. His spectacular season ended with him winning $10 million making his total earnings more than $22 million, the most financially lucrative season in golf history. He has now surpassed Tiger Wood’s 20.9 million earned in 2007. So what is Spieth going to do with all that money?

“What it allows me to do is, it allows me to now even more so, take care of the people that have given me this position and allowed this to happen. Like I always say, it is a team effort. A lot of behind the scenes work goes in when we’re at home, when we’re in the early stages and on course here.”

He continued:

“It’s fantastic. I have an opportunity now, with a year like this and a bonus like that, to celebrate and to share it with the people that have made it possible. And that’s kind of the plan. Our team did an unbelievable job this year. Everything was exactly how we needed it to be to peak at the right times. If we can continue to do that, then we’ll have more seasons like this.”

It was also just announced, by the PGA’s official website, that Jordan Spieth, the second youngest player to win both the Masters and the U.S.Open has now been named player of the year and has won the Vardon Trophy. Perfect ending to an amazing season.

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