Wednesday 20th March 2019,

Phillies GM Says Fans “Don’t Understand the Game”


When a fanbase turns on an organization, it can be tough to get that back. Philadelphia Phillies’ GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. is running that risk.

Phillies fans have apparently been vocal about the direction of the team and Amaro had heard enough and decided to sound off on them. Let’s just hope Philly is successful because Amaro may need some help in winning the fans back.

“They don’t understand the game,” Amaro said. “They don’t understand the process. There’s a process. And then they [b****] and complain because we don’t have a plan. There’s a plan in place and we’re sticking with the plan. We can’t do what’s best for the fan. We have to do what’s best for the organization so the fan can reap the benefit of it later on. That’s the truth.”

H/T: CSN Philly

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