Wednesday 19th June 2019,

Scherzer Chokes Harper As Part Of Their Pre-Game Handshake Routine


By now we all know and have seen the footage of Jonathan Papelbon chocking Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals’ dugout during last weeks game, but now The Nationals are taking it to another level. Last night Max Scherzer went through his pregame routine handshake with Harper and added a little twist to it. In their latest handshake, Haper and Scherzer added the ‘Papelbon Choke’.

According to James Wagner of the Washington Post, Harper and Scherzer have done that same routine handshake, choke included, back in early September, so this was not a shot at Papelbon.

In an amazing piece of coincidence, Harper and complicated-greeting artist Scherzer have actually been doing a choking handshake for at least a month, predating Papelbon putting his hand on Harper’s throat and drawing a four-game suspension from the team. (The Nationals said in an email that Harper and Scherzer have been doing the handshake all season.)

Looks like they have put the incident behind them and are willing to joke about it.

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