Sunday 24th March 2019,

Angels Trade Josh Hamilton Back to Rangers

hamiltonbackrangerslJosh Hamilton’s time in Anaheim as a member of the Angles was both uneventful and very expensive. Not yet halfway through his $125 million fully guaranteed contract, the Angels have given up on Hamilton and have dealt him back to Texas. Perhaps both on-field and off-field issues drove Anaheim to give up on Hamilton.

“I’m excited to be back home,” Hamilton said. “I have a lot of good memories of Texas, a lot of big games won. For me, it is still the loudest ballpark I have ever played in. I’m excited about it. Playing baseball, being back with the Rangers and taking care of my girls, that is my priority.”
Hamilton was with the Rangers from 2008-12, helping them go to two World Series in 2010-11, before signing a five-year, $125 million contract with the Angels. His two years with the Angels were marred by injuries and a drop in his offensive production. When he had an offseason relapse in his alcohol and drug addiction, the Angels decided to sever the relationship.


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